"Cafes and Bars closed in UK" PM Johnson announced

PM Johnson lasted this,"You Could Be thinking that You're invincible, however There's no have to state that You Will Receive light symptoms, also you also May Still Be a distributor of this illness and Provide it to other people, that is the reason, so Far as you can, we Would like You to Remain in your house, so we could Guard our Wellness and preserve lives"

Rahul Gandhi mock Janta curfew, states,"Clapping Won't function"
 At a media meeting held on Friday in London, Boris Johnson introduced the closed of dining areas and pubs, bars, pubs, eateries, clubs, theatres, cinemas, health spas.  However, with that period period around of the services may last.  The decision shot from direction of distancing has arrived in to power.

Constructed country, PM Modi stands in direction along with explanations are given by Imran

Corona: 200 Indians hunted after aid

The announcement issued by PM Boris Johnson said that"All these are spots where men and women bond, as well as actually, the complete aim of those lenders is always to attract individuals together"  Nevertheless, the depressing part is that for now at least , We Must Continue to Keep folks Aside."  He explained immediately soon right following your choice will be executed, people must perhaps not leave.

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