CM KCR Hints A Complete Lockdown if Necessary

"We've discussed with a plan in the event the quantities swell.  We're well prepared to deal with exactly the worst.  A lock down may be considered by us in the event necessary.  In this a scenario, we're already talking supply essentials hiring vehicles and people.  Overlook 5000 Crore,'' we're ready to pay 10000 Crore with this when mandatory," kcr shown.  The minister hinted about boundaries.  "As maharashtra examples are now towering we can look at shutting boundaries together with maharashtra if desire," he explained.

While Janatha Curfew was introduced by prime-minister narendra modi to 9 cm kcr has questioned visitors to expand tomorrow Janta Curfew to get 2 4 hours 6 AM to 6 day.  In regards to a lock-down, the minister hinted Throughout his media match up the press.
Corona menace is rising for India.  Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has announced that an overall number of 271 men and women are confirmed favorable one of supposed contacts and cases of all understood positive examples by 10 AM now.  2 1 cases had been enrolled by telangana thus significantly.

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